The following basic love spells may seem interchangeable and in a way that is true. They will both open you up to the arrival of a new love in your life. But the second spell, Attract a Lover, is better used when you already have a specific person in mind whose love you would like to receive.

The first spell, Find a Lover, will put the message out into the universe that you are ready for whatever lover would like to enter your life at this moment. Keep in mind that due to the laws of the Wiccan Rede, you can’t actually force anyone into falling in love with you. The spell can only encourage feelings that they may already have. If you cast the spell and nothing happens, consider that the person may not have that feeling towards you existent in their heart.

Like most love spells, these draw on the power of the moon and are best done during stronger moon phases. Although the directions mention altars, it can be a makeshift set up using a table if you are a newer practitioner. The ingredients are more important than the backdrop.

Find a Lover


Incense formulated for a love spell (available online and at New Age stores)

Light pink candle

Pink cloth

White cloth

Ritual knife


This spell absolutely needs to be done at night since you are calling on the moon. The stronger the moon phase, the stronger the spell will be so timing is a bit of an issue here. If the weather doesn’t permit you to go outside, you can do the whole ritual inside but ideally you should take the unlit candle outside and hold it up in the direction of the moon. State the traits that you are looking for in a lover and make it clear to the Goddess that you want this person in your life.

Return indoors to your altar bearing the cloths. Light the incense and concentrate on visualizing your dream lover. Carve “true love” into the side of the candle with your ritual knife. Place it in a holder and light the candle. Speak the following words:

The moon above so full of grace,

Bring my lover and me face to face.

With all my heart, I long to see

That certain lover that was meant to be.

Finish by thanking the Goddess for her assistance. Allow the pink candle to burn itself out completely before cleaning up the altar area.

Attract a Lover


One dark pink candle

Two light pink candles

A cauldron

A wand

Love incense (found online or in New Age stores)


Place the cauldron in the center of your altar, flanked by the two light pink candles. The dark pink candle should be set inside the cauldron. Light the incense and the exterior candles. With your wand, tap the cauldron three times. psychic spells free out loud: