Having problems in figuring out how you can organize wires and cables during a big event? Loose cables and hanging wires can cause accidents and leaving them unprotected is also another problem.

With Guard Dog Cable Protectors, cable management won’t become a hassle anymore. It is the fastest and easiest way available for protecting valuable hose lines and electrical cables from abuse and damage while still providing a way for pedestrian traffic and vehicles alike to pass through without a problem.

The cable protector ensures safety by separating and organizing each cable in its very own protective channel. This product is ideally used for public, amusement and sporting events; construction, commercial and industrial use; as well as for other utility applications.

How It Improves Safety

The said cable protector has a load capacity up to 10,500 lbs/tire, so there is no need to worry about your cables and wires getting crushed by vehicular or pedestrian traffic. It is capable of protecting hose and cables having 1.3 inches in diameter and with its hinged lid, removing the cables becomes easier. Another great thing about the cable protect is that it will surely stay on its place because the end caps can be tapered to the ground.

Users have the option of purchasing protectors with anti-slip rubber pads for added safety. Even if it is capable of protecting the cables from external damage, the product is not designed to prevent abrasion from below.

Using Your Cable Protector

The Guard Dog Cable Protectors are made with a heavy duty Dog-Bone connector to interlock modular sections. Each cable is separated and organized in its very own protective channel, making it not only look neat and organized, but also ensuring that it is hazard-free. The carrying handle is also strategically located on the underside of the protector and safety warning symbols are already molded into the lid surface, so users do not have to fret and panic whenever they lose their copy of the instruction and safety manual. Transporting and setting cute animal phone cable protectors up can be done in a breeze because on top of its durability, it is also lightweight and compact.

When And How To Use

The cable protector system is ideal for industrial, commercial and public use. It is capable of protecting pipes, cables, conduit and hose lines that are permanently mounted or installed to the floor or ground by laying the Guard Dog Drop over the area you wish to protect.

Locations and events that use a lot of cables and hose lines such as amusement parks, amphitheaters, convention centers, television or motion pictures, festivals, auditoriums, arenas, exhibit halls and even race tracks, can benefit from this product.